Bangladesh Embassy in Ankara can attest documents and certificates as per requirement of the applicant. The certificates/documents to be attested must have authentication by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka. For documents originating in Turkey and Georgia, the same should be attested by the relevant authorities of the host government.
Educational certificate or any certificate:
Educational certificates to be attested by the Embassy must have prior authentication by the concerned University/Educational or Concerned Institution/Board and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dhaka.
Legal Instruments/ documents:
Legal instruments/documents to be executed in Bangladesh like Power of Attorney, Letter of Authorization, Affidavit etc. must be signed before the concerned officer of the Embassy. Applicant must bring in his/her passport as a proof of identity. The following procedure will be followed with immediate effect with regard to Power of Attorney (POA):
1.      The Photos of the Principals and the Attorneys must be attached to the Power of Attorney.
2.      The Photos of the Attorney must be attested by the Principals.
3.      In every page of the POA, there must have the missions round seal and signature.  
Fees (For each page)

                 Normal delivery:  US$ 14 (3 days) 
                 Urgent delivery:   US$ 27 (24 Hours)