Fruits of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a beautiful country. Various kinds of fruits grow in Bangladesh. Among them, mango, orange, pineapple, banana, Lychee, coconut, lemons, pummel, guavas etc. are the main fruits of Bangladesh. Fruits are of different colors, sizes and taste. Some are solid while some are juicy. 

Bangladesh enjoys generally a sub-tropical monsoon climate. So, Bangladesh one of the notable growers of a vast range of fruits. More than 60 varieties of fruits are being grown in the country. Description of remarkable fruits of Bangladesh.

Jack fruit:
The jack fruit is our national fruit. It is the largest of all fruits. It is very sweet and tasty. It has a rough and prickly skin. It is found during the summer. It grows all over the country. But it grows in plenty in Faridpur, Mymensingh and Sylhet. 

the mango is the king of fruits and it is the most popular fruit in Bangladesh. It is of many kinds Himshagor, Mohonbhog, Fazli, Langra, Gopalbhog, Sitabhog etc. They are famous for their taste, flavor and sweetness. It grows all over the country. The best kinds of mangoes grow in Rejshahi, Chapai Nowabgonj and Bogra. 

It is a nice fruit. It is soft and tasty. It gives us delicious test. The banana is the most common and popular fruit of Bangladesh. Everybody likes it. It has different varieties such as Amritasagar, Shabri, Kabri, the Agniswar etc. Some green bananas are also used for cooking. It grows all the year round and almost everywhere in our country. but it grows best in Mymensingh and Munsigonj. 

The orange is another nutritious fruit. It is very juicy and sweet fruits. It is round in shape. It grows only in Sylhet.

The pineapple is a very juicy fruit. it is full of kind of wonderful juice. It is highly palatable and health giving. It is found in large quantity during the rainy season. It grows plenty in Sylhet and Chittagong. 

The coconut is a most common fruit of Bangladesh. Its water is very sweet to drink . It is used in multiple purposes. It is mainly used in preparing coconut oil. It is also used in preparing different kinds of cake, pitha, payesh and mistanno etc. It grows best in the coastal districts of Khulna, Barisal, Patuakhali and Noakhali. 

The papaya is delicious nutritious fruit. It keeps our liver function active. The papaya grows in all districts and in all seasons. 

It is a popular and major fruit in Bangladesh. Lychee grows almost all over Bangladesh but the main areas of cultivation are Jessore, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Dinajpur, Khulna, Kushtia, Sylhet and Chittagong districts.

There are other many popular Fruits in Bangladesh. Such as plum, wood apples,guava, dates, palms, dalims, amra, kamranga, batabi are all very popular fruits of Bangladesh. 
Fruits of Bangladesh